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Joint MiDi-DIGA Meeting

on Physics and Mechanics of granular media

Centre La Calanque, Carry le Rouet (France)
May 5th - 7th, 2003

Partners and scope

DIGA (i.e. Degradation and Instabilities in Geomaterials with Application to hazard mitigation; responsible: I. Vardoulakis) is a four years research project, funded by the European Commission (5th Framework Programme), operative since October 2002. As an interdisciplinary Research and Training Network program, DIGA links together specialists in different domains - engineers, mechanicists, physicists - belonging to connected research sites in Europe. A wide range of topics concerning geomaterials is involved, including material instabilities and phase changes, micro-mechanics based constitutive laws, chemo-mechanical coupling. DIGA aims at widening the research frontiers by realising productive exchanges among different disciplines and supporting experiences of Young Researchers through its network. (DIGA web-page: )

MiDi (i.e. Milieux Divisés; responsibles: O. Pouliquen, F. Radjai, D. Bideau) is a French research grouping, operative since January 2000, that links together different CNRS departments under the common task of the study of granular media. SPI, SPM and SDU - the Engineering Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Sciences of the Universe and INSU departments of CNRS - are involved in this structure, linking together soil mechanicists, physicists and geologists. MiDi's interest is spread over a wide set of topics concerning granular media: fabric of the grain skeleton, general laws for mechanical behaviour, cohesive granular materials, slope stability, granular flows and avalanches (triggering and evolution), segregation and mixing of grains. (MiDi web-page: )

By their structures, MiDi and DIGA are spontaneously aimed at encouraging dialog among different communities of researchers. In this sense, and because of the common research areas, the Joint MiDi-DIGA Meeting, comes as a natural act. This platform of discussion shall be devoted to an informal dialog, in order to share knowledge and conciliate differences in the approaches, on several topics related to granular materials:

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Invited lectures

F. Calvetti:
Micromechanical approach to geotechnical engineering problems
B. Cambou:
Anisotropy in granular materials: local phenomena and consequences on constitutive modelling
F. Charru:
Sediment transport by shear flows, ripple and dune formation
P. Claudin:
Stress measurement in static granular pilings.
F. Darve:
Modelling grain avalanches as material instabilities
O. Dauchot, B. Andreotti:
Dry granular flows: a review.
H. Herrmann:
Numerical simulation of shear bands
O. Pouliquen:
St Venant approach for dry granular flows.
S. Roux, F. Radjai:
Plasticity of a granular assembly.
A. Taboada:
Geophysics and granular material.
I. Vardoulakis:
Fluidization of granular media in artesian flow conditions
G. Viggiani:
Experimental observation of shear banding in stiff clays
M. Zaiser, E. Aifantis:
Preliminary considerations on slab avalanche release by using a gradient model for a random medium

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Programme & online abstracts

Monday 5th:
11:30-13:00 Chairmen: O. Pouliquen, F. Froiio
16:00-19:00 Chairman: F. Darve
Tuesday 6th:
9:00-12:30 Chairman: F. Radjai
16:00-19:30 Chairman: G. Viggiani
Wednesday 7th
9:00-12:30 Chairman: O. Dauchot
14:00-16:00 Chairman: O. Dauchot

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Location of the conference centre and lodging of participants:

Meeting sessions and lodging of participants will be arranged at the vacation-centre "VACANCIEL La Calanque" (25 Km from Marseille, 3.5 km from Carry-le-Rouet; address: 13620 CARRY LE ROUET; tel : +33 (0) 4 42 45 00 45, Fax : +33 (0)4 42 44 52 70, e-mail: More information on this centre is available on the web-site (choose "Où partir?" and click on the map of France, selecting "Vacanciel La Calanque, Carry le Rouet").


No registration fees are due for the meeting.

Accommodation fees for participants were agreed as follows (May 5th-7th):

For those arriving the day before the meeting (afternoon of Sunday May 4th) or / and leaving the day after (morning of Thursday May 8th), the following prices were agreed for each additional night stay:

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Registration / contributions

Participation must be notified by filling the electronic registration form. In order to facilitate a successful organisation, we do encourage prompt registration. Those interested in animating the discussion with a presentation should enclose a one-page abstract to the registration form, or can choose to submit it later (within the abstract deadline) by the separate abstract submission form. Unlimited posters illustrating research activities of the participants are encouraged. Posters should be notified using the poster submission page.

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Scientific committee

Felix Darve - Laboratoire 3S, INPG - UJF - CNRS, Grenoble, France
Hans Herrmann - ICA1, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Olivier Pouliquen - IUSTI, Technopôle Château Gombert, Marseille, France

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Meeting coordinators

Felix Darve - Laboratoire 3S, INPG - UJF - CNRS, Grenoble, France
Olivier Pouliquen - IUSTI, Technopole Chateau Gombert, Marseille, France
Francesco Froiio - DIC, Università di "Tor Vergata", Rome , Italy

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Francesco Froiio
(+30) 210 772 1373 (tel.)
(+30) 210 772 1302 (fax) (e-mail)

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