Ioannis Vardoulakis
Department of Mechanics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics
National Technical University of Athens
Fluidization of Sands in Artesian Flow Conditions

A two-, three- phase continuum theory for fully fluidized, fluid-flown, granular media is presented. The analysis is restricted to artesian flow conditions and utilizes results from previous studies on fluidization [1-4], erosion and sand production [5,6].

It is demonstrated that at the state of incipient fluidization hydromechanically stable sands undergo a discontinuous phase transition. The stationary fluidized state is characterized by the development of particle repulsion [1] and the effect of weak inertia [7] on the resistance of the fluidized granular bed to flow. Based on Richardson's expansion law it is demonstrated that the adjustment of porosity to small increases in the fluid-flow rate takes place via small-amplitude kinematic porosity rarefaction waves [4]. Linear stability analysis of perturbations out of the state stationary, uniform fluidization shows that granular inertia plays a destabilizing role leading to mathematical ill-posedeness. Mathematical ill-posedeness is removed by considering the effect of mixture's viscosity [8].

Further, the concepts of fluidization and sand transport are utilized to backanalyze the column tests with gap-graded soils [9]. It is shown that the observed abnormal decrease in hydraulic resistivity can be attributed to a progressive partial fluidization of the fine's fraction of the soil, which eventually leads to unplugging of the pore space and to segregation piping-erosion in form of a run-away instability [10].

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